GeoSAS was established in 2007 under Ethiopian commercial law. GeoSAS head office is located in Addis Ababa with field offices in the Amhara and Tigray Regional States. The presence of the field offices allows the company to more effectively identify gaps and find sustainable solutions to the various development challenges in the regional states.

Working with national, regional, continental and international agencies has given GeoSAS a proven track record in the area of mapping using GIS and RS technologies; climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies; agriculture & natural resources management; early warning system and disaster risk management; public health and nutrition; and client-tailored capacity building programs.

GeoSAS has the capacity to mobilize highly qualified local and international professionals with extensive experience in developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs.

Our Vision


GeoSAS aspires to be a leading global private firm for providing a state-of-the-art service in research, business & sustainable development

Our Goal

Using Geo-Information & Information Technology to the fullest to bring development!


Our Mission


GeoSAS provides custom tailored services in research & application on Climate change, Agriculture & Rural Development, Public Health Care, Disaster Risk Management and Food Security for making effective and efficient decision in solving environment & economic challenges.


Scope of Work


GeoSAS offers multi-displinary services, best-of-bread solutions, and full range of products to its clients. The following are some of the services that we provide:

  • Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing & Information Technology
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Ecosystem & Climate Change
  • Disaster Risk Management & Food Security
  • Training & Capacity Building


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