Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Food Security

GeoSAS senior experts were involved in the historical Ethiopian hazard mapping and baseline livelihoods profile development. Working alongside the former Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency (DPPA), currently called Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector, its core staff played critical role in drafting the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Policy, assessing food security at various levels, and reviewing and evaluating different early warning systems in the country.

GeoSAS services include:

  • Risk analysis and vulnerability assessment
  • Crop and livestock assessment and early warning surveillance
  • Satellite data analysis and interpretation for food security and disaster management
  • Emergency nutrition surveys and surveillance programs
  • Monitoring disaster impacts and emergency interventions
  • Conducting household food security assessments and Household Economic Analysis (HEA).
  • Disaster risk management planning, programming, monitoring and evaluation
  • Development of vulnerability profile for disaster risk reduction
  • Capacity building training programs related to  DRM and food security

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